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Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos

Sometimes you find talent in some of the strangest places. That is exactly how I met Anthony. I was working as an installation manager for a floorcovering store and in walks this dude from New York looking for work as a carpet installer. Turns out he was as good of a carpet installer as he is a guitar player. Before long he was my best crew and I relied on him a great deal.

During the time he worked for me I learned he was a guitar player. We would spend time talking gear but I never got the chance to hear him until he formed a band called Mud. He gave me a CD they had recorded at a local studio and to say the least I was impressed. Coming out of my speakers was the sound of a blues guitar player an singer that sounded like someone far beyond his years of experience. I have seen a lot of great blues players but the greats like King, Bonamassa, Trout, and Vaughn, have blues embedded in their soul. There is something different about them that the others just don’t have. Anthony is one of those gifted blues players that has that mojo. When you hear him you will see what I mean. Even more when you see him there will be no doubt in your mind that he has the gift of the blues. And by no means is that all he can play.

Anthony moved on and I did not hear from him for awhile until I saw a video online of him playing in a copy band playing the local clubs. I started keeping track of him as he would show up every now and then online. Every time I would see him I kept thinking how he needed to go on his own. I had heard his original stuff when he was in Mud and it was fantastic and a sound all his own. Then finally he brought together the Conqueroos and they were well worth the wait. In the vain of the Chicago blues he kept it simple , powerful, and straight to the point. And just as I though it is a sound that is all theirs and they should be proud.

Like most musicians , Anthony had to find his way and he needed like minded musicians that could pull together the sound I think he had been hearing in his head for a long time. I don’t think he could have found a better bunch of musicians to rock the stage with than the boys he calls the Conqueroos. Let me introduce you to the band.

Scott Smith: drums.  
Blues is not a style of music that generally puts a spotlight on the drummer like a metal band or the bands of the eighties. It is more about being able to bring out the passion and the soul of the music. It takes a skilled drummer to do the blues justice and Scott does it with style. He is rock solid on the mount and enhances his band mates perfectly.

Paul Warren: Bass.
With the Conqueroos music being a blend of blues, rock, and some funk in there you need a bass player who can do it all. Everything I have seen and heard so far tells me Paul is the man for the job. With his bass in hand he is completely in his element and is laying down that solid bottom end that this style of music must have to pull it of successfully. A perfect match for this group.

“Smiling” Jack Campbell: Harmonica.
This guy was born to play the harmonica. Not only is he a master at his craft but his looks an his performance on stage just brings it all together into one awesome package. The dude just flat knows how to play that thing. He just seems to play the perfect part at the right time every time. The back and forth between him and Anthony is priceless to hear and watch. Your gonna love “Smiling” Jack.

Anthony Rosano: guitar, and vocals.
Last but not least is the man himself. Let’s start with his vocals. As a singer you hope that you don’t end up sounding like everybody else. You need to have your own sound and stand out in the crowd. That’s what makes the greats like King, Vaughn, Plant, Jagger, Sinatra, Presley, etc.
Their unique sound is their brand. No one else sounds like them. You know it’s them as soon as you hear them. Anthony has a voice that is all his own. Unique, powerful, and full of soul.

His guitar playing is no different. Though you will hear all the influences that he has drawn from over the years he has managed to create a sound that is all his own which is hard to do these days with so many great players out there. From his well crafted rhythms to his souring leads he will capture your ear and touch your soul. A master at slide guitar he will dazzle you on his homemade cigar box slide guitar.  He is a great entertainer and his love for his music shows in his live performance. The dude can get the crowd jumping. Winner’s of the 2015 VEER Music Awards “Best Blues Band” two years in a row tells me they are just getting started.

So if you love the blues as I do you need to add their latest CD to your collection. If you are ever in the Virginia Beach/Tidewater area you need to catch their live show it is well worth it. As always if you like what you hear please support their music by purchasing their CD or catch a live show. Without our support musicians can’t continue to bring us the great music and live shows that they do. Learn more about them and purchase their music at

Billy Rae Stewart


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